WhamSony Music Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WHAM: The Final with new reissue.

Release date November 28th 2011

Wham! were one of the biggest UK pop groups with over 25 million record sales worldwide. George Michael and Andrew Ridgley’s incredible catalogue of hits remain some of the best pop songs ever written, and they evoke memories of the decade famed for big hair and even bigger shoulder pads. In the UK alone Wham! scored 11 Top 10 singles, 6 hitting the # 1 spot. Their songs, the styling and especially the videos remain massively iconic and define an era.

The Final is seen by many as the definitive Wham! album, containing all 14 hits. Originally released 25 years ago in 1986 when the pop duo split, it perfectly sums up their incredible career. Their ‘Choose Life’ mantra made George and Andrew the poster boys of the Eighties, and the music became the soundtrack of a generation. From the carefree pop of ‘Club Tropicana’ to the festive standard ‘Last Christmas’, and from the perfection of ‘Freedom’ to the haunting ballad ‘Careless Whisper’, The Final is a must have for any music fan.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley formed Wham! after becoming school friends in Watford. They went on to sign to Epic Records and become global stars. In just 5 years, Wham! became a phenomena. With their ever-present and glamorous sidekicks Pepsi and Shirlie, Wham! were everywhere. They were the first Western band to tour China in 1985, and their final concert at Wembley Stadium a year later is still praised as a defining moment in popular culture. George went on to become arguably the biggest pop star the UK has ever produced, while Andrew chose a quieter path and withdrew from public life. But the music has kept the band alive, and has not diminished with time. Each track is a pop classic, and The Final remains the definitive popular music collection.

The limited edition version of The Final features all 13 fully restored videos on 1 bonus DVD. Wham! became synonymous with their videos and their look. From the frolics at ‘Club Tropicana’ (where the drinks were apparently free) to the moody heartbreak of ‘Careless Whisper’, to the sheer joy of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’, Wham! were at the very forefront of this new medium when videos actually enhanced the songs.

1. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do?)
2. Young Guns (Go For It!)
3. Bad Boys
4. Club Tropicana
5. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
6. Careless Whisper
7. Freedom
8. Last Christmas (Pudding Mix)
9. Everything She Wants (Remix)
10. I’m Your Man
11. A Different Corner
12. Battlestations
13. Where Did Your Heart Go?
14. The Edge Of Heaven

Note to Editors: There is limited access to Pepsi and Shirlie for media interviews.

For all media enquiries please contact Daniel Hinchliffe at Soundcheck Entertainment
020 7437 0290

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